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Welcome to Shirehunters

Shirehunters Inc is a Hunting, Fishing and Conservation club based in the Sutherland Shire. Although we focus on three main areas of outdoor recreation our true passion is hunting. Shirehunters prides itself in the knowledge and skills of our Members as well as working towards the common goal of securing sustainable hunting grounds for the future

In previous times hunting was viewed as a legitimate past time in Australian culture. Unfortunately today the sport has seen a decline in popularity due to a number of factors including tougher gun laws and more than its fair share of bad press. Shirehunters believes that hunting is still a valuable part of the Australian culture and should be protected and legitimised as a true part of not only our heritage but also our future

All of our shooting Members have successful passed safe handling of firearms courses and these principals are highly encouraged as well as being part of our Code of Conduct.

Shirehunters Members are firm supporters of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia as well as the NSW DPI. Members frequently utilise the R License program with some very successful results.